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Mattress Direct of Chesterfield

You are probally asking yourself, out of all of the places to buy a Mattress, Adjustable Base, Beds, Frames, and Pillows, why should I explore Mattress Direct of Chesterfield?

Great question! Our vision started when there was a time we went ourselves to a few mattress stores looking for a new mattress, we also looked online, and realized a few things. High-pressured salespeople telling us what they thought we needed. The only person that can tell you what you need in a mattress is yourself. This requires you to have the ability to lay on a mattress and identify what is best for your body, sleeping positions, and comfort. With that, buying a mattress online didn't work. We needed to lay on some ourselves first. No way we were going to be able to return one online out of a box, how would we get it back into the box to return? (If there was even a return policy that allowed that.  

Next, we went to a few stores in search of our new mattress. What we found were many gimmicks and the ones we liked were always the high-end brand name overpriced mattresses. (This seems to be the case for most people) So we thought to ourselves, let's learn more about why mattresses cost what they do and their features. After a few months, we realized that you don't have to overpay for a high-quality premium mattress, you just need to look in the right place. Luckly we found ourselves a high-quality premium mattress for less than half of what the major box stores charge. We love the mattress to this day.

Out of this process we learned that you the customer pay more for a mattress when you buy from a national chain or even a local company that has a really high overhead and advertising budget. We felt inspired that we should find a solution to this common problem, overpaying from a high-quality premium mattress. 

The Solution: Mattress Direct of Chesterfield was formed. As part of Mattress Direct of America, we have the power to buy mattresses in bulk, directly from top brands and manufacturers in this industry. Our low overhead and by showing mattresses by appointment allows us to then pass the savings on to you! 

We pride ourselves in only providing brand new mattresses, in the plastic, with full warranty. We also have adjustable bases, beds, headboards, frames, pillows, and more. Who doesn't love sleeping comfortably while saving money? After all, the average person spends one-third of their life sleeping on a mattress.

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